Our Surrey Lawyers have always been dedicated to providing the best possible legal assistance, while attending to the client’s interests. Clients come with problems they want help solving, not “legal issues” to be litigated. We try to remember that the client wants a solution to a real life problem – theirs. We have clients from all over BC and several other provinces. Whether you need a family lawyer, a personal injury lawyer, or a litigation lawyer, the lawyers at the Trial Lawyers Advocacy Group have you covered.

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Male and Female Brains Are Different

A recent paper published in the journal Experimental Neurology establishes that the basic building blocks of brain tissue — axons — are different in male and female brains.  Female axons are […]

  • Sandra Katalinic

Sandra Katalinic – ICBC Defence Lawyer

Sandra Katalinic is a lawyer with Eyeford Macauley Shaw & Padmanabhan LLP (“EMSP”).  She’s practiced since 1996, largely as an ICBC defence lawyer.  She spent many years at another ICBC […]

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