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The following are resources compiled or written by the Trial Lawyers Advocacy Group.

They are general legal information and not legal advice. Small factual changes can cause big legal differences. For legal advice, you must speak to one of our lawyers in person.

A list of court forms in regards to Family Law.

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JusticeBC has put together a Child Support Guide with useful information and links.

Read JusticeBC’s Child Support Guide now.


The BC Family Maintenance Employment Program monitors and enforces maintenance orders and agreements (for either child support or spousal support). Many maintenance payments are paid on time and in full, but some people like having a third party (FMEP) involved to track the payments.

If payments aren’t made, the BC Family Maintenance Employment Program contact the payor to try to get payment voluntarily and develop a plan for paying the arrears.  If enforcement is necessary, federal and provincial laws give The BC Family Maintenance Employment Program the authority to use a number of measures

Visit the BC Family Maintenance Employment Program’s site.

The Parenting  After Separation handbook provides information for parents to help their children through the difficult process of separation.

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This website provides general information about family law in British  Columbia. It has information for people considering changes in their family  relationships such as separation and divorce, and may be of interest to people  thinking of marrying or living with someone in a marriage-like relationship.

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Funny court cases and lawsuits, from the dumb and stupid to the bizarre and outright laughable lawsuits.

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The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) is the country’s oldest and largest nationwide brain injury advocacy organization. Their mission is to advance brain injury prevention, research, treatment and education and to improve the quality of life for all individuals impacted by brain injury.

Visit the Brain Injury Association of America now.

The Mission of the American Association for Justice is to promote a fair and effective justice system—and to support the work of attorneys in their efforts to ensure that any person who is injured by the misconduct or negligence of others can obtain justice in America’s courtrooms, even when taking on the most powerful interests. AAJ is the world’s largest trial bar, providing trial attorneys with information, professional support and a nationwide network that enables them to most effectively and expertly represent clients.

Visit the website of the American Association for Justice now.

The Trial Lawyers Association of BC supports and promotes diligence and excellence in advocacy and jurisprudence on behalf of consumers in British Columbia.

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The Law Society of British Columbia regulates the legal profession in BC, protecting the public interest in the administration of justice by setting and enforcing standards of professional conduct for lawyers.

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BrainSource presents information about the development and functionality of the human brain, and how such knowledge might be applied in education, mental and physical health, and social and political policy. Original content explores the application of neuroscientific knowledge, aspiring to improve the human condition.

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With the experience and knowledge gleaned from over 40,000 cases and 250 scientific publications, MEA Forensic sets the standard for high quality forensic engineering and science. They have publications, blogs and news.

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How much is a judgement valued at? Use a judgment calculator using pre-judgment, post-judgment, Rule 58, or prime interest rates. Try now. 

The legal system and personal injury law are complex and emotionless. At the centre of it all is the very basic principle that if a person (the “defendant”) injures another person (the “victim”), the defendant must compensate the victim. But typically it is not the defendant that is compensating the victim because the defendant has insurance coverage: it is the defendant’s insurer. For example, in most automobile accidents in BC the insurer is the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

The insurance company has conduct of defending the claim. Normally, the defendant has no say in the defence of the claim – it is the insurance company with full conduct and control. Of course, insurance companies are not human. They are faceless. They have substantial resources at their disposal. Of particular mention is that they are not in the business of giving out money. They are in the business of making money.

The insurance company is presented with a claim, they investigate and assess risk. It becomes somewhat of a face-off between the victim and the insurance company. The victim is at a huge disadvantage. Their resources are little in comparison to the insurance company. Further, the victim will have little or no knowledge of their rights and obligations. Worse, the victim is injured and may be unable to work. Insurance companies give information and advice to the victim. While they may seem helpful, it is wise for the victim to seek independent advice and information. Why? Remember: Insurance companies do business to earn profit.

Thus, it is important to understand the nature of claims and the importance of getting independent advice. If you were injured on property, a premises, or in a motor vehicle accident, don’t wait. Talk to a lawyer. It’s free.

Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide is written for victims and families in clear, easy to understand language by clinical neuropsychologist, Dr. Glen Johnson. Read it here.

Find out which Doctors in this province receive a large portion of their income testifying for ICBC.  If you are hurt in an accident, ICBC will demand that you see an “independent” doctor of their choosing. Know the facts and ask yourself how “independent” someone can be when over 75% of their income comes from one source.

 ICBC Doctor Billings A-L – ICBC Doctor Billings M-Z 


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