Family Law

Family law is a complex and emotional matter. Making the decision to enter into or leave a family arrangement can be one of the most significant choices you make.

This matter is serious, and we are here to help you through it.

Our lawyers have the experience and compassion to guide you through this delicate time. We are well versed in the intricacy of family law, and are willing and ready to help you navigate this process.

Here at Trial Lawyers Advocacy Group we can help you navigate any Family Law matters you may have:

  • Separation and divorce
  • Child custody, guardianship, and parenting arrangements
  • Child support and spousal support
  • Cohabitation, marriage (prenuptial agreements), and property agreements
  • Negotiation, mediation and arbitration
  • Property division and debt resolution

Why a Family Lawyer will be an asset to you

A family law lawyer can be beneficial to you by helping you traverse this journey. We will work with you on such matters as reaching a formal, binding agreement with your ex-spouse or common law partner. These times can be stressful and overwhelming, and emotions may often get the best of you. Our lawyers are proficient in the handling, communication and negotiation necessary for a favourable an agreement.

Family Lawyers

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Family Staff

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Legal Assistant

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